Ok im having trouble finding anything about this on the website so i figured i would just ask here:

I have bought my first set of "heavey" gauge strings (13's) because i play mostly in d standard snd heard they were better for that...anyway can these strings survive being tuned to e standard? and if they do will my guitar? Also before I got these strings i was playing with 11's maybe 12's and I tuned down to C standard and my high E string broke after playing for a while; is that just a fluke or something to do with being down tuned?

thank you for your time
if anything tuning down increases the life of your strings because there is less tension on the string. But as for your main question, yes heavier gauge strings are better for when you're tuning down, but in my opinion they only make a significant difference if you play in like C-standard or drop-C.

In your situation, if you insist on having heavier strings I would reccommend Ernie Ball "Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms" (10-52), they're made for drop tunings but I play 'em in standard.

Some people say that using heavier gauge strings will bend your guitar's neck, this is true for the truly heavier gauges. However, I'm using skinny top heavy bottoms on my guitar in standard and it's fine.

In conclusion, you could get away with playing standard gauge strings in D-standard, and it is possible that the heavier gauge strings could damage your guitar neck in the long term if you keep it in standard tuning. Google moar?
ok i have 13's ernie ball earthwoods on it now...

just checking: the string snap was more than likely a fluke


its ok to tune 13s to standard?
some guitars are braced for light strings. if yours is one of them, i wouldn't recommend tuning to standard.
use the strings recommended for your guitar. Using strings that are heavier than your guitar is designed for is not a good idea.

Your high e string just broke. It happens. Especially if you waited to long to change them. I change my string at least monthly and have never broken a high e string except when changing strings.