I'm trying to re-string an electric for the first time, but on the second string I did I ended up splitting the string at the bridge. It didn't snap, it just sort of split and was left with like one tiny long thread where it had stretched. How do you avoid doing this? Does anyone know what I'm probably doing wrong when I re-string?

Whoa... What brand of strings are you using? There are other factors as well.

Are the strings old? Are you over-tightening? Are you using the right gauge of string? The nut or bridge could be sharp as well.
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-Check for any sharp edges and rough surfaces on the bridge and frets
-Use good quality strings
-Keep the strings from bending or forming loops as you thread them through the bridge and tuners
ya, guitarbaddie gave some good pointers but rather than cranking the string tight right as you put it on (likei see everyone do) try this, it helps.

put your first string on and only tighten it to wear it wont fall off the nut, then do the next string, same method, after you got them all on, tighten them a full step up at a time, then do the enxt string untill your in the correct tuning.

what this does is, when you put a string on, it hasnt been stretched yet, ans on the average guitar has 60+ lbs of pressure, so when you put a string on, it stetches like hell and falls out of tune very easily for a while (untill your strings are fit to your guitar)

hope that helps
I'm using http://www.nevadamusic.co.uk/Guitars/Guitar_Accessories/Electric_Guitar_Strings/sc1617/p7833.aspx these on an Epiphone Explorer-GT. I bought them yesterday. I'm pretty clueless if I'm honest, I'm sure you can tell! The bridge does look kind of sharp but I guess that's standard for the that guitar anyway? When I've re-strung acoustics the bridges have always been plastic so I've never had that problem. As I say I'm completely clueless, so any tips are appreciated
Well, I couldn't comment on the quality of those strings, considering I have only ever seen one set ever, and it was at a computer shop. Having said that, I would invest in a more reputable maker of strings. The gauge isn't the problem. I thought maybe you got a really heavy set of strings and replaced them, which would cause problems.

My suggestion, since you are new to these kind of things, go with a set of 10s, as I believe 10s are usually the standard for strings on a new guitar. Then I would take a file and file down the sharp edges of your bridge.

Ultra safe mode: Just take it in to a pro and have em set ya up. It will cost ya more, but if you get a good set of strings, and a pro doing things for ya, you won't have problems.

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Rotos are nice strings, they're just less common in the states than over here in the UK.

I've managed to do that once, although that was when I managed to accidentally tune a low E up to a C rather than down - massive failure on my part, but hey, I was new to these things (I'm assuming the wraps just separated from the core of the string?).
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Thanks for all your help guys. I also bought a set of 11's at the same time as a back-up. So hopefully I'll have better luck this time. Would rather try and do it myself so I can do it in the future!

@Hidden Hippo: Yeah that's what happened. It just the core left and the rest had all gone up the string. The reason for replacing the strings was that one of the strings actually did that byself when I was playing. I assumed I'd been changing the tuning too much.
Was it the same string both times?
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Nope, it was A and D string (in standard tuning). I wasn't the person who strung it previously, so I'm not sure if it's a common thing on the Explorer's or not?
That's a bur on your bridge, my good man. I had the same problem on my SG. Take it to a shop and get them to clean up the saddle pieces with a file.

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