...getting dicked out of things? In June I lost my job because, even though I gave them notice in early May that I needed two weeks off in June for finals and holidays and they said it was ok, I got back in town after my scheduled holidays to go in on a Tuesday to get that week's schedule. Only guess what, I'm not on the schedule because "I was gone too long." so they had to hire a new person fast. By this, they mean they brought someone from ****ing India who has no real commitments other than working 48 hours a week at Subway.

Then I was supposed to get my driver's license way back on the 10th of September, which I've been counting down days to since early March. But because there's only one person that takes people for the test, who's apparently monotone, mean and obviously lazy, going out of town and staying home from work for bullshit since I had my first appointment on the 10th. I just got a call saying that because she's "really sick with the flu" (it's a 24 hour flu going around town, even people 50+ years are well by the next evening) she decided to take until Monday off work. By the time I actually do my road test, which I very much doubt I will be able to do, I will have been eligible for nearly three weeks.


TL;DR: The government and my employer are/were being dicks by not letting me do my road test/firing me for something they said was ok.

Anyone else sick of getting ****ed out of things that matter to you?
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...No, I haven't had enough of getting dicked out of things.
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Thats life, buddy. All you can do is plan for the worst, and hope it doesn't come to that.
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My behind the wheel instructor delayed my final appointment for about a month and a half. Then, I wasn't able to drive for 2 weeks because I had to do something with a foreign exchange program. At least I have my license now, though.
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I can commiserate with the license thing. When the tester was checking my taillights, one of them was out (I later found out it just needed to be clipped back into place). I couldn't get a reservation for another 6 weeks or so.
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Well, at least the driving thing seems common. And my dad feels bad for me, so he's going to let me drive his truck if I can show I can handle it well on the road. So I'm not as mad now
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wait, youd prefer having dicks in things you do?

well. i dont swing that way so no im not tired of it.
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jimmybanks youre a genius

i got screwed out of half my wage this month. i feel your pain.
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it's true.
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...No, I haven't had enough of getting my dick out of things.

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Look at it this way-now you have an excuse to get a better job, and that's three weeks you don't have to pay for insurance and gas.
The latter is true, but the first one isn't because there aren't many places in my small town that my parents are satisfied to let me work at. My only option is pretty much a small gas bar or KFC. And the KFC here is shit. So I'm hoping I get the gas bar job.

EDIT: Also to the new above poster...

Dammit someone must get the reference eventually!
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^ I actually said hate. :/
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
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Dicks everywhere.

I hate getting dicks in my ass. Its rude and unhygienic!

This made me lawl
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Well the job thing makes sense. If you were an employer, and had people who were low rank in your business, and said they were taking two weeks off during a possibly busy time, would you fill in that spot? Of course, you left them short handed, and perhaps the other guy actually worked better than you. The second is just the DMV's normal take on the world.
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