Not my style of music really, but this was pretty awesome.
Machine F**king Head \m/
What the hell was that Chinese cymbal/ cow bell for in halfway through .

I actually liked it other than that.

The drums seem a bit laggy though, they are always a bit late especially the slow snare rolls, it feels like it is dragging it back. You may consider just shifting them slightly forward to give it a more human feel? It's only a suggestion though. Also, maybe use the ride cymbal instead of crash cymbals for the first acoustic bit of the song?

Awesome, I liked the distortion sound, and the feedback was amazingly well managed, how did you do that?
lol, that bell was a homemade one
I'll take a look at the snare rolls aswell
The intro cleans aren't finished yet, im going to be adding some delays to them and possibly removing the bass and I agre about changing to the ride (im not a drummer)

As for the feedback...It's just my amp really loud, an orange dual terror through the orange 4x12 cab and I just fade it in with my guitars volume nob and mute a few of the strings

edit: also on relisten I think a drummer would use the hi-hat a bit more too
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