I have a few questions for someone who owns or has used a Carl martin Compressor.

Mine arrived in the post the other day, and while so far it seems like fantastic unit I'm a little confused about 2 of the nobs.

Firstly it says in the manual that the Gain output operates between +/-20db. To me that says you can cut the ouput by up to 20db or increase the ouput by 20db and anywhere inbetween. However it seems that it doesn't do any cutting at all, even turned all the way anti-clockwise. It seems more like the range is from 0db up to +something. This doesn't really matter but I'm just interested.

Secondly and more importantly is the RESP (response) nob. Ok I've read the discriptions of what this is supposed to do and they seem to make sense but then when i play with it, it doens't seem to do what the descriptions are saying. I.e. it's described as the response time ranging from 12ms to 125ms (I think) so I figure that means that the time it takes for the compression to kick in once a signal has gone above the threshold? Well it doesn't matter where I turn this nob the attack seem instantaneous in all cases, however the release does change. eg. with it turned fully clockwise I can notice the compressor gradually winding down if I suddenly mute all the strings. But there's no such effect if I suddenly strum hard. Further more it seems the RESP nob affects the signal strength dramatically. e.g. when i turn it full anti-clockwise it quietens the signal some what...

Any one else experienced this? I realise this is probably just me not knowing what I'm doing with, but I'd be keen to enlightened.