Morning all!

My very first guitar was an electro-acoustic guitar from Welsh brand Hudson, sold and made by the Cranes Music store just a few miles away in Cardiff. It served me well, but the time had come for something new. The old guitar had that moulded "bowl-back" design which was very comfortable, but I think it lost a little bit of resonance due to that. Plus, what with it being my first guitar, it had been through all the beginner mistakes (leaning it by the neck for the first year) and general wear and tear. It would have cost me more to service and replace parts than I paid for it in the very beginning.

Anyways, onto the new guitar!

(I apologise for all the cat-related items, my nan..)

I like the Hudson brand, and there's a certain "proud" feeling owning something made locally. After reading many rave reviews about it, I went in to test out the Hudson Firefly.

-Superfolk-style cutaway electro-acoustic
-Built-in tuner and preamp (volume, presence, bass, mid & treb)
-Real bone nut and saddle
-Solid African Flame mahogany back and sides (laminate) with flame Maple binding - VERY beautiful!
-Mahogany neck with maple edges, dot abalone fret markers
-Easy access to all 20 frets
-Came with a free custom-fitted hardcase and free pack of Elixir Bronze 12's

Compared to my old acoustic the Firefly feels more substantial in my hands and against my body, is about 20% louder and has a better bass response. It is a bit less "bright" sounding than the old guitar, but I can live with that as I prefer more of a bass presence.

I'm not so great with words, there's a reason I prefer listening to instrumental music All in all, it's a beautiful guitar to behold and it feels very "honest" to hold and play. I consider myself an acoustic guitarist first and foremost, hence why I decided on this instead of a new electric (I've been eyeing up a 7-string for a while!). My only complaint is that my fingers are raw from playing the heavier strings, as my other acoustic had 10's. But I'll get used to that I'm expecting to enjoy this guitar thoroughly in both personal use and live performance over the next few years.