I liked it. I like the harmony riff a lot and the riff after made me want to go mosh. I did think the first riff went on a little too long though. But all in all I enjoyed it.
Pretty good riffing but you're dragging it all out too long, you're much better off having a song that's a little short but interesting than a long boring one. Short interesting songs leave the audience wanting more, long boring ones leave a bad impression.
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thanks for the feedback man, i was thinking that too, i should probly change it to about half of what it is right now, especially since it repeats after the solo.
I really really like the intro.
it's a pretty strong riff, the kind that makes you interested in a song, its a ook and a strong one, I can asure you that.
I think the only issue with this song as it has already been said is that it drags on for too long, and the guitar production is a bit muddy, the soloing could use some work aswell. the harmony stuff at 3:17 sounded quite clashing and after that the amazing mood the intro riff generated got lost for a sec until it kicked in again.
Just restructure it a bit and you'll have a pretty amazing track here.
yeah, i recorded it on a horrible walmart mic that cost me no more then 5 dollars haha. But ill do a rerecording and try and get it to sound as best as i can. Im using a line 6 75 watt amp and a Esp M-100 for my guitar.. Thanks for the comment(: