Hey Guys, I was wondering if you could explain to me how I could play this


I know I just pull of from 8 to the 5 then to the open, but when I go to pull off to the open, It never sounds like an open it just sounds bad
Its probably just cause you're hitting other strings with your hand. Or, you're bending the string as you pull off.

Don't do that.
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Yeah that is how you play it but remember when you actually pull off to that open string you need to not just lift you finger off they string but physically 'pull it off' i.e. pull the string down slightly then release your finger.

If your getting other string noise maybe try holding your finger across the string below and then just pulling off to open on the string above to hear the sound you are looking for

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Use your palm to mute the lower strings, and mute the high e string with one of your picking hand's fingers.
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