Today I picked up a Washburn Vindicator equiped with a Randall UL in the neck and a Ultra XL in the bridge. The thing sounds really good imo, Im just wondering who all has used these pick ups and what you guys think about them? Im always been a tinker so after I have it longer and can make a better judgment of these I might swap it out for some EMG HZ's or SD JB/59.....I wont go active on this guitar personal preferance is all.
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emg hz? those pickups are horrible. the jb/59 sounds good. as for the randall pickups, ur lacking a key element in your question, for what genre are they good for. if their high output, then its gonna be ur more heard rock type pickups. but wheather they are good build quality, idk :P thought i would just let you know about the HZ's
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