So there are two 1/4" inputs on the back of the amp and one is connected to the speaker. I tried plugging my headphones into the other, which caused sound to come into the left ear of the headphones and out of the main speaker. Then I tried unplugging the main speaker and plugging the headphones into that input, but again, only came out of one headphone. I'm guessing I need a splitter and plug in both of them at the same time correct? Would this work:


Just thought I'd ask you guys before I go messin' too much with my amp. Thanks!!
Well thank god I asked huh? What should I do then? Is there any way to be able to play into my headphones without a dedicated headphone jack? Also, why is it bad for your amp?
wait so u have 2 speakers hooked up to ur amp? well anyway as u figured out, amps are mono output. mono headphones would work i guess lol.
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Tube amps are very picky about the load they get; your speaker is a proper load. Headphones are not, not to mention they're not made to handle 15+ watts out of a tube amp.

Unfortunately, there's not a real good way to use headphones with most tube amps. If you have a line out, you can use that into a mixer and preamp, but chances are that you don't have those things lying around.

The best advice I can give in this situation is to get something like an AmPlug or a POD to use with headphones, or just be happy playing at lower volumes with the speaker. Whatever you do, you cannot play that amp without the speaker plugged in to the speaker out jack. The output transformer will blow, which is very expensive to replace.
Ah ok, very informative Roc. Thanks very much for the help. So thankful I didn't **** up my amp...