What kind of guitar do you have now?

What bands constitute your definition of grunge?

Warmoth Strat w/ Lace Holy Grails
'07 Roadhouse Strat
Washburn WD-21 all Koa Acoustic
Marshall JCM-2000 TSL-122
Bugera V-5
If I'm not mistaken, Kurt Cobain used DiMarzio Super Distortions on his Mustang, Jerry Cantrell of AIC uses a Duncan JB IIRC as well. That should least give you something to start working on.
1987 Charvel Model II
2010 Carvin ST300C
1990 Charvette 100
1991 Ibanez RG560M
2006 Fender Mexi Strat
Jackson/Charvel Star W/ Custom Graphics.
Ovation CP 247 Acoustic
Line 6 POD HD Pro X
Pro Tools 9

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