More than anything I've ever wanted to do with guitar was to write a song, not so I could get laid or anything but just so I could have something to be really proud of and enjoy playing.

Here's the problem, I have been trying for weeks on and off and have been more and more discouraged because I feel like I'm hitting through the same chords and just trying to find something in nothing. I really feel like I can do it, but the music is the lesser of the problems really. I can't ever decide how I want to say something so simple. I often find myself locked between trying to make things far too complex and then annoyed when I write something that is so simple it really isn't only meaningless but doesn't make any sense at all.

Basically, I really want some help or maybe hear about someone's experience in writing their first song. I just need to get an idea of how this madness is fixed up.

If you force a song, it's not one you'll be proud of. You'll write one eventually, be patient let it come to you.
You're trying too hard. Basically, you need to relax and let it come to you. Try thinking about the song as you drift off to sleep. Your mind is in a more relaxed state then. If you try too hard, it'll never come.
song title for you

something in nothing

... too similar to the rush song
only way you'll get good at writing is by writing. chances are you wont write something great the first time you try, so rather than get pissed off that something isnt as good as you want it to be, dont delete it or get rid of it, just move on and write something else.
writers that write just down to inherent talent are very few and far between. everyone else has to build up their skill, and that is a long process that takes up a lot of pages. you will definitely produce something you are proud of if you keep at it.
might be a bit of a copout answer, but its pretty much the only way. carry a pen and a pad with you at all times and jot down any little snippets of lines that pop into your head during the day. eventually the ideas will start forming themselves.
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Quote by Brad_Bassist
If you force a song, it's not one you'll be proud of. You'll write one eventually, be patient let it come to you.

That's not true at all, and you have no justification for that statement.