Okay, so I'm taking compoition lessons, and I'm working on a peice with (probably) 2 electric guitars, keyboard, drums, bass, violin, and cello. I know its a weird setup ( although becoming a bit more common) so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to get them to work well together? Maybe some suggestions on bands with a similar setup to listen to?
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yea you can do it and make awesome music if done right
i think yellowcard, apocalyptica and some prog bands have done it.
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yea you can do it and make awesome music if done right
i think yellowcard, apocalyptica and some prog bands have done it.

o yea apocalyptica... dammit that one was obvious.
On some level, metal can have a lot in common with classical music. At times, they can share a lot of characteristics which makes it a lot easier to incorporate those classical instruments in a metal song.

As mentioned above, bands such as Apocalyptica have used violin and cello. Although it is played on a keyboard, Kamelot uses the classical instruments in a lot of their songs, and it always comes out tastefully done.

I would recommend working them in as more of a lead instrument to some level, with the guitars working as more of a rhythm. Or perhaps, even having one of the guitars work as lead, to sort of show some contrast to the classical melody that could be going on. Whenever I've worked with the instruments your using, I found it worked best to use them for more lead work that rhythm.
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Just write a song that works and decide later if it's rock or not.
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If I can do it with a flute, then violin and cello shouldn't be any harder.

Don't remember hearing cello in that context, but violin can be great, at least in rock settings. I love what Jean Luc Ponty did with Mahavishnu Orchestra with his violin. Might listen to some of that stuff for ideas. I believe "The Inner Mounting Flame" had some pretty sweet electric violin in it. You might or might not like it, but that stuff blows my mind.
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The only band I can think of aside from Apocalyptica that have a cello-like instrument is Diablo Swing Orchestra. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad-l54T_kYY

Violins are very very common in folk metal, with bands like Korpiklaani, Elvenking and Manegarm using them in nearly every song.. and a lot of power metal bands are very keyboard heavy, like Dark Moor, Rhapsody of Fire, Equilibrium..

I don't know anything with the exact instruments you've suggested, but I'm sure you can make it work. The violin's a fantastic instrument to have as a lead, so I'd let the guitar take the rhythm, maybe let it echo the violin at a few points in the song. It's just the cello and the bass guitar I'm not sure how you're gonna get working together, I think it'll just need some experimenting.