Great song, waited a LONG time to see if a tab would ever actually show up, so long I forgot about the song and just rediscovered it. I really want to learn it but don't trust my abilities to tab, and I'd love to learn it. It's perfect for my style, rhythm / groove oriented but still edgy and thrashy. Plus I want to use this song to practice playing and singing simultaneously. Don't need the solo tabbed as I won't be able to play it anyway but hey, if you feel you're up for it go for it! I've looked everywhere and never seen this request answered. A handful have asked for this tab but not enough to get this song truly recognized. Here's a youtube link for reference to the song, let me know if anyone feels up for it.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4XI76ooNAE

PUH-LEEEEEEEASE. I'd do it myself if I could, in a heartbeat, but it feels like Crazy Train; meaning it sounds simple enough like I could play it with standard power chords, but in reality uses more intricate chord-work. I'd like to learn to play it right the first time. Muchly appreciated! \m/
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I figured it out.