I'm fairly new to the bass and can play ok , with straight basslines. However, Myself and a friend (drummer) jam alot and I'm getting a rc2 to make our jamming sessions more fun. obviously I will want to layer some sounds and riffs. Can someone point me in the right direction or help with chords I could use or doublestops in the higher register so I can have a rhythm guitar effect going as well as the bassline, tapping etc.
Double stops are harmonizing with third, fourth, or fifth.

Firstly, Double stop means hitting the notes at the same time; one finger on one string and another on another string, simolteneously. In addition, know your scales. Furthermore, get a guitarist to do the rhythm guitar playing; bassists make the ****ing groove!
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Man, I love chords on bass, Sometimes, in the right circumstances, a bass playing some chords will sound super sexy within the band.

For the bass and drum thing, I'd think of not much else, besides tonnes of distortion.

Seventh's always add good color, you're basic Power chord sounds pretty good.

when know your scales, and pick out chords from them, all they need are the root note, and maybe the third, play around with what you like the sound of.
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I know my minor and major scales and minor and major pentatonics so that is a good place to start
Also with the power chord thing I think if I stick to the root and the fifth it sounds better rather than a three note power chord. Doesn't it?
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depends on the situation really
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the band I'm in is actually a two-piece with just bass and drums, so I play with chords a lot.

and really, depends on what sound you're looking for, you could play E on the seventh fret of A with the top octave or on the second fret of D with just the fifth, but then you miss out on another note on top of it.

Major and Minor is basically all you need. also play around with raising or lowering certain notes in the chord. so with a power chord, you could lower the root, then you have an inverted seventh chord. if it's just the fifth double stop raising the fifth makes it a minor sixth interval.
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