Hey all, first-time cover here!

My name's Alex, and this is a take of Guthrie Govan's ''Wonderful Slippery Thing'', which I performed for my Year 12 music HSC (end of secondary education High School Certificate in Australia).
Any and all feedback is very much appreciated, and I'd love for anyone who replies to be completely honest; both positive and negative feedback is very much appreciated.

Gear wise, I've used a Schecter C-1 Blackjack run directly into a Fender G-DEC amp, with no effects bar a tiny bit of reverb and chorus to improve the mix.
The video was recorded in one take on an iPod, so no post-editing, and channel switching (no footswitch, sorry!) was catered for with volume and tone control, and pick-up switch manipulation. I'm hoping to get a better quality cover up once I get the funds, so please bear with me this time around

I hope you enjoy the clip, and thanks very much to anyone in advance who watches and replies. If you'd like me to return a critique, I'd be more than happy to; just pop a link in your post and I'll get right on it.

Linkage!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyfYJQWmuqc

I've got nothing much to say other than great playing! Keep it up!

Amazing performance !
It sounds great, i don't miss the channel switch,you have elegantly solved the problem
Make more videos!

Thanks very much for the replies guys - smiling from ear to ear right now!

In response to your comment AJ, this song took somewhere around two to three weeks to get down, but I had to alter a couple tricky parts slightly to get it ready in time for the exams.
The biggest problem was right after the first heavy groove where the descending sweeps happen; Guthrie does this wild 32nd note, string skipping tapping lick, and there was no way I could do that so fluidly any time soon! So I opted to use the same arpeggio outline (Dmaj7) in an easier sort of format; there's always a loophole!
I'll have been playing guitar for five years in December, and I'm still loving it. If you're ever up for a chat, pass a PM or message my way. =]

I've opened up the link to your video, and so far I'm digging it; lovin' the shades I'll get right on bumping your thread.

Thanks again for the replies guys, and keep up all the great work!
You've definitely got some good chops going for you, that's for certain. And i really enjoyed listening to it. Also, I've not heard the original track, was it improvised? I would suggest turing up the backing track for a better video sound. How long have you been playing? I'd say more than five years at least because this is really hard to crit properly...

I might look up Guthrie, Seems like he could be an amazing player after this. Thank you!
Thanks a bunch for the checking out the clip, and for passing on a great critique! =D

A lot of what I played here was taken from the original recording, but a few parts were improvised or changed to get it ready in time:
The intro's slapping on the recording is a blitzing sextuplet sequence with pops ahoy, so that was replaced with the simpler pentatonic sequence.
:30 - :38 took the main contours Guthrie had, but with sparser phrasing.
The sweeps at 1:28 are featured as string skipped tapping lines on the recording - you've absolutely got to check out Guthrie playing it; he's a monster!
At 2:52, the tapped lines were improvised based on E pentatonic minor.

For the sake of marks in exams, we're not allowed to repeat much at all, so the subtleties like artificial and tapped harmonics, the funk groove at the end, and silly faces were put in the offer me a better shot =]

Thanks very much for the tip on levels; I really wasn't sure about my mine, so that'll be adjusted for the next clip.
And I'll have been playing five years in December, so you're about right on it! Thanks very much for all the kind words and taking the time. =] Is there anything you'd like me to critique? I'll be checking out your band a little alter today

If you're interested in this sort of playing style, Guthrie Govan, Trey Alexander, Mimi Fox and Brett Garsed are each phenomenal players and improvisers; you can find clips of Guthrie jamming over a series of backing tracks on Youtube, and some high quality live footage (look out for the very 'blue' looking videos!)

Thanks for all the replies, they're very much appreciated!

To Zanon: is there anything you could recommend that would help me improve the track for next time, or anything that would make it more enjoyable for you? Whether it's tone, expressive technique, timing (I've noticed my timing's off a fair bit looking back, so that'll be spruced up!), I'd really appreciate any input at all, no matter how 'harsh' it might be; any criticism can only be positive. =]

Many thanks again for all the great replies, and thanks in advance for any more that might come along,

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Man, I've gotta tell you, I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I saw that someone had posted a Guthrie Govan cover. You definitely surprised me. Awesome job.

I don't know if you're much of an acoustic guy or not, but C4C? I did a Fionn Regan cover, just curious what people think of it.
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