My ultimate goal as a guitarist, is not being able to shred life a mofo at 15 nps. It's rather being able to transcribe songs, being fluent in that and being able to transcribe even the most difficult pieces.

Anyways, right now my main goal is to be able to like unplugged versions of really basic songs with my own changes in between and ultimately, moving on to more difficult

I tried to search the web, found some minor guides which weren't really that helpful quite frankly. I thought posting here was the best thing I could do, so maybe people could point out the most important things about it, and even better some source of information with everything I would need for it.

Learn the song until you can do the whole thing with your eyes closed and no guitar. Then, you'll be able to visualize what you do and how you do it and write it out.

Use the template foudn here:

Guitar Tabs Template

I do this all day at work, nearest guitar is miles and miles from me, but I can tab out parts I write and send them to other people I write and record with

Let us know how it works out for you!