If so, maybe you can help me with a problem that I have with getting the sound to play through both speakers.

I always record my bands vocals, drums, bass and guitars on Mixcraft, but when I mix it all together on AV Music Morpher it all only plays through the left speaker (or if you have headphones in, left headphone). I'm pretty sure the problem is Mixcraft because even if I convert a single mixed audio track from the program itself without going through AV Music Morpher process, and upload it after it gets turned into mp3 format, it still only plays through the left speaker.

I plug my amp/mic directly into my laptop, does this have something to do with it? Do I have to do anything specific before I record? I've tried selecting Stereo when I arm the track for recording, because if I select Right it doesn't record anything and if I select Left it has the same results as Stereo....

So, can anyone help me with this? Is there something I'm missing here? If you can help, or have the slightest idea of the problem, please lend me a hand here. Thanks
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