Poker: receive 50$ free on a pokerroom of choice (Pokerstrategy promotion!)

Hello guys,

this is for people who play, like or want to play online poker but don't want to deposit real money. That's right for this promotion there is NO REAL MONEY OF YOUR OWN NEEDED!

Pokerstrategy is a company that is affiliated with pokerrooms and gets a % of their winnings for each new player they bring to those online pokerrooms. more than that pokerstrategy is a pokerschool, they offer a 50$ free bankroll.

What do you need to do to get this?

1) Click this link ....

2) sign up and read the 4 basic bigstack strategy for no limit hold'em articles and download the pdf with the starting hand chart found in one of the 4 articles

3) Do the quiz, keep the articles open as well as the starting hand chart. you can try the quiz 5 times I think

4) if you succeeded for the quiz choose the pokerroom where you want to receive your 50$ on. Follow the steps on the website EXACTLY

5) Play poker with a proper bankroll management (I suggest playing blinds of 0.02$/0.04$ or 0.05$/0.10$ ). for each hand you play you get points on the pokerroom (names differ from room to room). once you reach a certain amount of points you can CASH OUT WITHOUT EVER SPENDING A DOLLAR.

6) Give this link and explanation to your friends!

If you have a problem with any questions of the quiz, first search it in the articles you got 1 hour to solve 20 questions anyway. If you don't find it in the articles then try to google it. if that didn't work post the question and possible answers here.

IMPORTANT!!!!! -> During the signup process or after you succeeded for the quiz it is possible that pokerstrategy asks you to upload a copy of your ID-card. This is to prevent fraud (because you may only receive the starting capital once)


THERE IS MORE: If you play good enough you can get your bonus! this bonus is an extra 50$ so you can turn 50$ into 100$ without spending one single dollar!

Good luck and if you have any questions post them here.