I'm selling my Orange Rocker 30 head. I've had it for 3 months. Its been in a smoke free practice space the whole time except for 2 live gigs I played with it. The tone is incredible, as you'd expect. There are absolutely no signs of use or wear n' tear and the tubes are healthy. I'm just selling it because I have too many other heads. I'm only asking $900 for it and will ship anywhere in the united states. I'll pay for standard UPS ground shipping, if you want faster shipping, you'll have to pay for it.

Plugged it in to demo it for someone and noticed some scratchiness when the gain was cranked. Took to local legend Bill Nance to have it looked at. Switched out the preamp tubes, which was the immediate culprit. The noise is almost gone. To clarify, once the amp is warmed up and you’re playing, there isn’t noise. Its really just when you first cut it on if you crank it right away you’ll hear a little scratch. He says it just needs a once over, having all the resistors and solder joints checked.

Point being, I don’t feel like dealing with it. Its stll 100% playable and the scratching is quiet and doesnt last long. I just want to get rid of it so if anyone wants it, $650 shipped and if you are unhappy when you get it, I’ll refund you. You’re looking at spending no more $100 on finishing the repair probably - and probably not even that. I just don’t have time to deal with it.