Hey I've been using super slinkys for a long time for all my electrics, and I know on the packaging it says electric/acoustic strings...has anyone ever used Super Slinky's on their acoustic guitar? I'm curious if it's worth it before i get them on my acoustic and it's a waste. It'd be sweet if they sounded good cause it'd be considerably cheaper than getting a nice set of acoustic strings
I think they'd be too light for an acoustic, they wouldn't sound the best.
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my guitarist had slinkys , 9s i think, on his guitar for a while. they sounded horrible and not really crappy tone. just use acoustic strings on acoustic guitars, and if you like ernie ball that much they make acoustic strings that i heard are descent.
Just get a good set of 12's for your acoustic. The issue that electric strings often have, when you're looking at 9's or something, is that they barely have the energy to vibrate the top of the guitar. At least to vibrate it enough in order to produce a worthwhile tone with any sort of volume.

Not to mention, it doesn't cost a whole lot more to buy acoustic strings than electrics. D'Addario strings are only about a dollar or two more than a set of electrics, and they're great strings. Alternatively, you could spend a bit of extra money on a set of Elixir strings. If you like the tone of them, you'll find they last significantly longer that uncoated strings are going to.
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