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I've been going through a punk kick and have really gotten into the Offspring again. Their guitar tones on their album "Ixnay on the Hombre" sound great to me, just a huge guitar sound. It sounds so saturated but still "sparkles" or something, I don't know how to put it haha. I'm not looking to buy new gear, just wanna reconfig/do some tweaking with what I have.

I'm playing through a Mesa Single Rec, I know the amp can deliver this sound but right now it isn't sounding as "organic" as I'd like. Sorry for using these awfully imprecise terms, but I don't know how to explain what I'm after exactly - maybe listening to an example would be more helpful.


That is pretty much what I'm going for. This song just captures the sound I think, huge guitars with a kick-ass chug when you palm mute.


Another good example of their distortion.

Any pointers for this sound or should I just get back to tweaking the Rubik's Cube that is a Mesa amp? Maybe I'm just over analyzing, but any direction would be helpful, thanks.
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That sounds pretty layered to me. Don't be surprised you can't get that sound out of any single amp.
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Yeah Offspring had some pretty unique tone. Very mid and bass heavy. As Kanthras said it's generally not easy to replicate studio tone with one guitar as it would have been at least dual tracked, and Dexter is actually quite a good producer.
If i had to suggest 2 bits of gear to get close id say a Mesa Rec + Ibanez Guitar so you are most of the way there already.
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