hey, just got here to study at the university, and was wondering if anyone could tell me any decent places to go out here, which actually play decent rock/metal music. There was a scream pub when I was here before but thats now a harvester
thanks for any help
A question aimed at me, and I'm useless to help.

I think places generally have 'nights' where they'll do something along those lines, but apart from that I'd just suggest having a look around, have fun, and sorry I couldn't help more, if at all.
Why not go to the Freshers' Fair and there's bound to be a rock/metal society, they'll be able to introduce you to people with similar music tastes and no doubt organise nights out to clubs such as you're asking for.

EDIT: If you've missed the Freshers' Fair, check the Student Union website and they should have details to contact all societies offered, from which you could contact the relevant society.
thanks for the quick responses, found a metal club called sugarcubes, will have to check that out
also gonna ask around when I go out, find out some first-hand reviews

and been to the freshers fair, and sports/societies fair, didnt find any rock/metal ones
I'm sure there was a Rock Society at some point because a mate of mine was in it. No idea if it still exists.

And I was so pissed off when I paid a visit over the weekend and saw that Scream was being turned into a Harvester!!