Hi guys im looking for some really cool effects, any price, for guitar bass or vocals. something really different such as the EBow. cheers guys
WMD makes some cool, unique pedals you might like.
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Harmonic capo, and the amukaT Gadgets optical expression device are on my mind lately. And, by mixing something like the expression with delays, you can have 'ametric' (made up word for no set tempo. ) music and effects.

Be expirimental! watch radiohead videos. Its never the pedal that makes the effect.
Think about that one.
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Hexaphonic pickup with a midi output. Get a soft synth and plug the guitar into the computer and run it through the soft synth. You now have a magical guitar that can play nearly any instrument. Even drums.
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Go watch the videos in the EHX blog. They come up with some mindblowing effects combinations.
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EHX new Freeze pedal could probably do some crazy vocal things.
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EHX new Freeze pedal could probably do some crazy vocal things.

That's an awesome idea
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i like my voodoo lab proctavia a lot. fuzz + one octave up. if you play two notes, it will mash them up all crazy.