Poll: Do you USUALLY eat the skin of a baked potato?
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View poll results: Do you USUALLY eat the skin of a baked potato?
Yes, most of the time.
124 70%
No, not usually.
54 30%
Voters: 178.
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Let's nominate this dude for next year's worst TS!

But to answer your question, I eat it yeah.
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Yes. Theres no reason not to, given that you are supposed to wash them before you cook them.
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it has roughage(fibre) in it, which slows down digestion of fat [this is very smplified], so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

so yes.
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Yes. it's full of good stuff like vitamins and fiber, and tastes nice. Plus fried potato skins are yummy with mayo.
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This is very important. Please answer truthfully.

I voted yes when I don't.

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I voted yes when I don't.


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If they're thin yes, if they thick, I do on special occasions

That's what she said.

But yeah.. I eat it, as long as I have a ton of sour cream.
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Depends on how crispy it is. Don't like it too crispy.
Also when I do eat it, I never eat all of it.
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
Baked tattie n cheese.
Yes, I don't like wasting bits of food.
I dun like nuggets that don't eat the crust either
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Definitely, the crunch of it is wonderful.

One thing I have to say, if you microwave it, instead of baking it in an oven, you're a cunt.
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I am just going to lie here.
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You gotta love that ruffage in your diet, it just cleans you out.
Hell yes. Do you even have to ask? The only people that don't are dead inside.
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it's my favorite part. I don't even really like the inside stuff that much, i just tend to eat the skin first and pick at the other stuff.
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How could this possibly be very important
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Hell yeah I do. With sour cream and finely chopped green onions!
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This is very important.

It's life or death! TS is being forced at gunpoint to choose the best option!

or something like that



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Sometimes. Apparently it's carcinogenic though.

But that's probably just when microwaved.

Oh Lord, I almost shit myself then, I always eat the skin, it's delicious!
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Let's nominate this dude for next year's worst TS!

TS, I'd really like to thank you for not only starting a thread about this, but also not saying why it's very important.

OT: Wtf would I eat the skin?! Tastes like skin. Ewwww...
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Since it's very important I lied.
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