I was looking at the application for admission form from Musician's Institute, and I noticed that they ask for a minimum SAT score of 500 for Critical Reading, Maths and Writing. I'm not familiar with SAT scores, so are these good scores, average, easy or what?

Much appreciated.
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500 for each section is average. Standard deviation is 100. Standard bell curve applies.
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Lower than average I would say; it's out of 800 points and you get 100 points per section for just writing your identification in correctly or something like that. Very achievable.

600 is considered a good score, 650+ a great score. 500 should be no problem.
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I'm pretty sure you'd have to be a literal retard to not be able to get a 500. But I never took the SATs, so I'm not 100% on that.
I wanted to know this as I'm taking IB Diploma course after finishing IGCSE, and was thinking if I should choose Standard Level Maths or Maths Studies (the easiest maths).
For example, if I finished IGCSE (international GCSE) with an A in Maths, and did the SAT straight after that, would I be able to get a 500 in the Maths?

Edit: thanks guys, that answers my question well enough.