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It's very repetative, basically you just make rhythm... and keep adding more rhythm over it on other instruments. Also, it could have been much more epic than it is now.
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yes, repetitive...dont worry, if you listen to my mp3's on my profile i have the same problem...it's a gnarly progression don't get me wrong, but you and i? we get caught up in that gnarly progression and don't take it anywhere....TAKE IT SOMEWHERE!
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I think, it's a very good intro, very simple to play, but it sounds great.
But, if it was my intro, I will add a slowly powerful solo, with echo maybe. Think about it)
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hey man you got some good idea's and it felt pretty epic , but ... like the others said , its repetetive and the only thing that changes is the orchestra , anyway i edited your leads at some sections and made it a little more dynamic , hope you dont take it offensive.

o yeah , this has potential , good luck !

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Pretty boring, too repetitive and generic in my opinion.
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I don't think it's boring or repetitive. Genric yes, but I thought it was quite nice intro. I think it was good.
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Thanks for your comments guys but I don't give a *** about the ''repetitiveness'' lol. I know it is and I won't change anything, but it's fun to hear what you think about it. I made this like 2 years ago and I ''improved'' a lot. I'll update a few new songs later.