(And all you can do is sit back and enjoy as you succumb to the power of the plague....)

The next step in evolutionary,

Life changing, violating,

Tyrannic rampage across the seas

The sharpest teeth await your skin,

As it's your death that they crave!

Ectothermic, stalwart demons

Search for your execution,

Failure, the moment you slip up,

They'll take your everything!

You can feel the pressure of life and death

Sink the teeth further into your flesh!

As it injects the poison into your stream,

You can only pray that eyes are closed during your final breath

!Feel the clench in your throat as it takes control

,As you choke on the scream you long to let go!

Count the seconds that pass, as your evolution,

Takes over your thoughts, your mental constitution!

Join the ranks of the new brutal race,

As they sleepwalk towards their destruction,

Your humanity has slipped to the darkest place,

Your body left...

Controlled by the plague....

So, I kinda wanted to do a song like "The Agonist" where there's really no chorus or anything...it's just really straightforward and here's my attempt. lemme know!