Hey guys i was wondering on as you're personal experience what is you're favorite brand of acoustic guitar strings? Now i've been playing acoustic guitar for about 2 years and i've been only using DM and GHS strings. And don't get me wrong i love using these strings, but the thing about DM is when i put them in i have to wait time to break them in before it sounds really really good. No matter how good i tune it the strings out ring each other. And as for GHS i eat them up like i go through alot of strings so on your opinion what do you guys think are the best STEEL acoustic strings?

(Note) Price is not a matter does not matter how expensive they are if they sound good their worth it.
My genre and sound i guesse i go for is a clean sound and you cant hear my pick slam against my strings when you hear them.
And my tunning is standered. i don not use nylon only steel.
Well i strum a Simack many people do not like them but i have an acoustic and electric and i love how light weight and yet sturdy they are.

Tone? anything that makes a 6 sting standered tunning guitar sound good.

I've heard of thoose strings and was recommended to use them by many of my friends. Where are they sold at like at guitar center? and about how much like i said price is not a problem but im the type to but EXTRAS of anything thats worth getting you know?
d'addario phosphor bronze are my go-to strings for the most transparent tone after a 3 day break in period but if you go through strings that fast, perhaps coated are better for you.

btw, if your strings last so poorly, do you wash your hands before you play and wipe down your strings afterward? if you don't live in a humid area, some people have skin chemistry that destroys strings faster.
Lol yes I play my guitar alot a say at least a cupple of hours a day. And yeah I live in San Antonio Texas and the humidy sucks. Yeah I wash my hands before and clean my strings after and use a coating. And when I say I go through them fast I mean like maby 1 pack every 3 months only. Yeah I know it's fast.
I love the Elixirs because they reduce squeaking (even more than playing well does), which was really important when recording my most recent album - it's all acoustic guitars, sometimes up to 5 at once, so having a bunch of squeaks really adds up!
I've tried many makes over the years and have settled on DR rare phospor bronze for warmth, resonance and tone. I tend to change every 3 to 4 months too but currently I have had them on for about 6 months (as I have played more electric recently) and they still sound good although I do clean them.
so you guys suggest

: DR rare phospor bronze
: D'Addario phosphor bronzes
: Elixers? (is there a spacific kind?)
The Elixir website has good info on their strings. BTW they are expensive but they also last longer. I'd buy one pack and see what you think before buying any more.
To be honest, I would say to give just about every string you come across a try. There are plenty of great companies that make plenty of great strings out there. D'Addario, GHS, Ernie Ball, Rotosound, DR, Martin, etc. All of them make great strings that you'll find a great deal of people prefer. At the end of the day, the only really way to find that string that gives you everything you're looking for is to try out as many as you can over your playing career.
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One of the reasons I buy DRs is actually written on the back of the packet..."noticeably longer life, easy bending and great feel, brighter edge to sound, and for players who want a fatter louder sound, a deeper bottom and like to hear their guitar ring out". I would agree with all of that so definately give them a try. DRs were also recommended to me by Hugh Manson. I've also used Elixir nanowebs (on 12 string) and liked those too although they were a bit too zingy for my liking. Have no experience of D addario on acoustic although I do use them on my Blueshawk. If you are going to try a few why not start with those three suggestions? It will come down to personal taste and how they feel on your guitar in the end anyway!! I use Rotosound super bronze (country golds) on my Yamaha for instance.
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I want to try Elixir personally as my favourite band uses them and they sound amazing on anything. D'addario though I dislike as I bought a pack and one of the strings were faulty (kept snapping no matter how many times I re-strung it), so it put me off buying them as it costed me £8 for one packet... and I don't even use that guitar anymore.
I use D'Addario EXP Phosphor Bronze (was using .013s, but I'm switching to .012s because .013s are a bit rough on my hands). They sound fantastic to me. Although I might try DR. I remember how good their electric strings are, even though I don't use them anymore.
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