In the midst of night’s blanket
when Dawn seems a myth,
three shots ring out;
a voice I’ve never heard
speaks no more.

And I feel no sorrow…

A could-have-been lover
presses a barrel to my heart
and my knife at her throat,
a sorry joke.
She reveals the smile
that started all of this.
Index finger pulls tight.

…and I beg no mercy.

Red rorschach sheets,
a new hole in my chest
that everyone could see
if anyone existed.
Slowing breaths,
peace of the great void.

I feel nothing.

Awake with a gasp,
three shots ring out.
A voice I’ll never hear
screams war upon God
whispers farewell to a lover
and ceases to be.

And I feel no sorrow,
and I beg no mercy.

The sun rises beautifully,
revealing truth
as I dress for work
in the dark.
I want Super Saiyan abilities
You could see it either way. The world's a blur.
Thanks for the opinion.
I want Super Saiyan abilities