Im trying to decide which amp to buy. Either a Peavey 6505plus 112 or a valveking 212. how loud it is will not be an issue. i want to know which is just a better amp. i love playin high gain on my own, but play rock with my band. would like some nice cleans. oh and how do you control the volume on the 6505? any help is appreciated.
We answered this question awhile ago in two different threads.

Peavey 6505+ 112 will be better.

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Valveking is your only option if you want nice cleans, it does high gain very well, don't listen to the uneducated fallacies that people spew around here. I've heard a rose of sharyn reamp with a valveking and it was very similar to a 6505. I've also played my friends Valveking several times as well.

You control the volume on the 6505 with the post gain obviously.
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