it matters how good you think it is. you need to go play it. if it is comfortable go for it, if not i suggest you keep looking. you can always upgrade the pickups and stuff later so if you like the style and all that stuff, go ahead and get it.
The M100-FM I have ain't bad at all, and although that is a bit up the range I don't see why that one could be much worse, but as Grassyknolls said, try it out and see how it feels
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I don't think you should get a floyd as your first guitar until you know about the advantages/disadvantages.

Do you plan on changing tunings often? If yes, then a floyd guitar is the last thing you want to get as a first. If you're not sure about tuning then it's even more important because you could end up wanting to change often.

I don't want to sound like the guy saying your idea is bad, I'm just providing a different point of view. I'd go for a guitar with a Fender/PRS style trem OR a hardtail bridge that's not a vintage Telecaster bridge.

Just my thoughts. You should go to a store play a TON of guitars make note of them and see which one you like the most. That's the easiest way to tell.

What kind of music do you plan on playing and through what amp? Maybe we can give you some suggestions that you could look into instead.


If however you're deadset on a floyd guitar and you know what you're getting into, try the MH-50 and see if you like the neck, if you do then get it. It's a very decent beginner guitar.