Hey UG!

I've had this Jackson DK2M for many years now, but now it is sadly sitting at home most of the time. I don't play guitar in as many bands as I used to and, as a result, this guitar hasn't received as much playtime as my other one (I only have 2).

I'd love for this guy to get some more playing time so I thought I'd leave her in the hands of one of you guys =)

Everything on it is standard and works perfectly. It has an Alder body, Maple neck, 24 (jumbo) frets, licensed Floyd Rose (always used Standard or Light Top - Heavy Bottom strings), and SD pickups.

The only aesthetic issue(s) with it is some of the fine-tuners are a little worn after being used so much, but that's the only issue really - they can be replaced for a couple of bucks at (almost) any shop. There are no dents, dings or paint missing (apart from inside one of the horns next to the neck, that was there when I got it though). It plays perfectly and quickly with that maple neck =)

I bought this brand new at around $1100, so I'd like to sell this beauty for $550 + Shipping (I'm from Canada); but am very open to reasonable offers =)

Now for pictures!





Thanks for checking it out!
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