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less than 100GB
26 25%
21 20%
7 7%
12 11%
9 8%
7 7%
5 5%
0 0%
1 1%
Over 1000GB
18 17%
Voters: 106.
I'm interested to see how much data people these days have saved on their hardrive/s

With my photography/video work my space is quickly filling up, 1010/1880 is gone.

What's the bulk of your data? Mine's easily video, one film project I did recently used up 200GB
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I have 23 GB free of 160 GB on my laptop.. I don't know if that makes sense.

All the used memory is photos.
I have 500GB on the PC almost filled, a 250 external specifically for music/movies about half-filled, and a 1TB harddrive thats used for backup and nothing else (therefore, half filled).

Oh, and I have a seperate 500GB hard drive for my lesbian porn.

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Over 9000!!!!!
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Like 200 on one external hard drive, 100 on another, about 80 on my computer, and a several cases full of burned DVDs.
around 100GB
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I've used about 200 GB's on my laptop.

Over 50GB's of which are music, 23 are movies. I don't even know where the rest of it went.
Around 100-200 I'd guess. Probably more and I just don't realize it, I can't really gauge it as my computer with the most space is shared with family
About 100. I'd never really need any more than that, all I store on the computer is music and a few photos, and multiple operating systems.
around 50.

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dude, i can easily survive with 10 Gb and still have leftovers.
what do you guys have in you hard drives?
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In terms of usual stuff, not that much, maybe 70gigs of music and about the same in games.

In terms of professional portfolio (pro tools masters), about 400 gigs or so. Which isn't actually that many sessions, if I was making a living in production I'd go through a tb or so a year.
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ITT: Nerds gloat about how much GB of 'data' (read: porn) on their computer, without realising it's a negative correlation to actually getting them laid.

I'm not getting laid either, but I'm not downloading all this stuff.
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There are a shit-ton of external HDDs laying around here, and I think they're all full of movies.
Bulk of my data is about 500GB worth of system backups in OSX Time Machine. Another 200GB in movies, most of which are in 720 or 1080p. About 50 or 60GB in sound samples libraries and audio files for Native Instruments and Logic. And probably another 20GB for videos, pictures, and music. Basically my livelihood is on this computer, so I gotta be careful.

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I have 1 tetragigmegaomegadodashabalababyte in data...bet you ain't even heard of that shit...

no seriously most of my memory goes to my music and that's only ~20GB. I never understood what the point was of storing more than 50 GB's of shit you'll probably never use again
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Because of my Let's Play recordings, I have 100gb on an external HD and 210 in music/videos on my laptop.
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why did i think GB stood for jelly beans...
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ITT: Nerds gloat about how much GB of 'data' (read: porn) on their computer, without realising it's a negative correlation to actually getting them laid.

I'm not getting laid either, but I'm not downloading all this stuff.

Who downloads porn? That's fucking stupid.

I have a hell of a lot of shows and music on my computer which takes up most of it
It says 364 GB free of 446 GB. It says it's a 500 GB hard drive, but yeah. I don't know a ton about computers so I assume the mystery 54 GB is the system or something.
Multiple hundreds of GB, but honestly I download and delete stuff all the time. I couldn't give a decent estimate.
I have two drives at the moment
my main drive is 250gb, which is nearly full of video games, and programs.

My storage drive is 1tb, and its nearly full with music movies and roms.
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I totally thought GB stood for Gameboy when I entered this topic.

Anyways, on my desktop I have about 200GB worth of stuff, and that's mostly games with a small portion of my music collection and some old data from video projects. On my laptop's HDD I have about 200GB of more stuff. A quarter of that is my music (48GB); I have a few full movies, and I have a lot in terms of video projects on my laptop.

I also have about 100GB of various old documents and programs and whatnot on an external HDD.
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I have 1/1048576-th GBs to my name, as you can clearly see.

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