i am playing guitar for about a year now and i want to change the pickups of my guitar, and my amp because the one that i have sounds awful! i have a LTD M-53 guitar and a 10W peavey amp.. i play rock and a bit metal.. what pickups and what amp do you suggest me?? my bugget is 600euro for both amp and pickups..! sorry for my bad english!! =p
Don't even think about buying pickups until you get a new amp. Pickups, although fundemental to a guitar's sound, have a small footprint in the overall tone. they'll acentuate a good tone, but you can't just swap out your pickups and expect to turn a crappy sound into an amazing one.

Amp wise, maybe something from Bugera?
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you might want to look at a blackstar ht 20, it's very good at heavy rock and can go into the metal territory
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hmm.. I would get a decent amp and get some great pickups. That way the guitar will sound great for life and you can upgrade the amo whenever. As far as pickups go, EMGs, Seymour Duncans. If you go their sites, they have audio clips of just about all their pickups. I have a set of EMG-X's (81/85) and they sound great. I can't say they're incredible for cleans though. I also have a set of PRS Tremonti pickups. Tremonti Treble and Tremonti Bass and they are extremely versatile! I love them!

As far as an amp, the Peavey Vypyrs sound really good and aren't pricey. They aren't tube amps though. Not sure if you want to go down that road. If you do, I would look at Bugeras. They're gonna be the least expensive tube amps out there.

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