Right, I may be coming into a bit of money soon, and I'm thinking of spending a bit of it on my musical ambitions, then putting the rest away.

I'm wondering which I should upgrade my guitar (ESP Ex-50) or my amp (Peavey Vyvpyr 30) . I'm not currently in a band, but I've been making a load of new friends in the music scene in my city and I'll be starting one up in the next few months, hopefully.

My budget would be ~€1000, this figure may change, depending on how much money I get.

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What music do you play?
I would be looking into spending 600 on an amp and 400 on a guitar.
You should look for used gear.
My advice would be to wait until you start your band, then when the prospect of gigging is a CERTAINTY, go for a gear upgrade. I'm speaking from experience, I came into some money and upgraded my amp for gigging, my band collapsed before we played any gigs, and I was stuck with a valve monster while living in a 6 block flat with no way to use it. Ended up losing about £200 by selling it on.
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I'd buy an amp used, as for a guitar, not so much, I'd prefer to buy it off Thomann. i was just looking at a Jackson RR24M for €1090, or a Jackson PDX Demmelition King V for €444. That model got bad reviews :P

I play Metal by the way - anything from Motorhead to Amon Amarth.
❝Don't be afraid of death, but of an inadequate life❞
Bertolt Bretcht

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