Does anyone know how to convert a guitar pro file onto a CD without it losing the little quality it has? (Not converting it into a MIDI file)

If anyone can tell me how or do it for me that would be great. Thanks guys! I will e-love you forever whoever helps me with this!
October 1.gp5
The way i do it is to export as a MIDI file then convert to MP3

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I'm afraid thats the only way I can think of, to put it on a CD.

What I do, is export the GP file as a MIDI file, and then use a website (I'm not sure on UG's policy about linking to websites, so if you want the name, I'll PM you it) to convert from MIDI either to WMA or MP3.

The website that I'm thinking of, allows you to select instrument sets, so that your GP file will actually sound better than it does, with the RSE.