I actually picked this up on Saturday but only last night got around to cleaning it up and restringing it. It's a BC Rich Masterpiece Mockingbird.

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Sorry but the picture isn't the best quality I just took a quick shot of it with my phone.
There's not much to say about it really. I sold an LTD 100 and decided to pick this up instead not really expecting it to be much of an upgrade but I always wanted a mockingbird.
Definitely a big step up the ladder though, more than I was expecting. The neck has a nice feel to it and the fret job is outstanding. No jagged edges of the frets sticking out, no marks where they've been filed to fit, everything just put together perfectly. I really love the neck on this guitar.
The stock pickups aren't anything to mention but I've played low end guitars that had far worse. On the whole I will probably change them out eventually but they're good enough that I'm not in any big hurry to throw something else in it.
My only complaints with the guitar are that the string ferrules in the back and on the front of the guitar weren't properly installed. In fact there really wasn't anything keeping them in at all except string tension. They just fell right out as I was changing strings. It's not something that's difficult to fix but it's irritating on a new guitar and I've seen this pretty regularly with BC Rich's. The output jack on the guitar also needed to be tightened.
All minor fixes that while annoying weren't enough to make me feel as though I hadn't gotten a hell of a guitar for my money.
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I'm not usually over keen on these but it looks killer in that finish!
Yes, ****in YES! Nice choice man, good Riches are the shit

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