Hi i have a problem... i left my pedals plugged into the ac adaptor for like 2 weeks and not use them. Now i wanted to use them but they dont work, the led goes on, but there is no sound coming out... i dont know what to do i tried everything...
im open to any suggestions...
Leaving them plugged in shouldn't fry them. Did you check various volume knobs? How about whether you plugged your guitar in the right jack and went from the pedals to the amp using the right jack?
first of all check them all one at a time to see if its just 1 pedal thats the problem
ive already done that... i tried one at a time and none of them work... they dont even do the slightest sound when i turn them on...
one of them is a big muff... and it can be used with batteries so i tried putting a battery on it and again... nothing!
im going crazy! i dont know what's happening hehe
is the volume on your guitar turned up...

no way did you fry all of your pedals. i doubt the led would come on if they were fried
ok ive checked again and the problem was the ac adaptor, i dunno what problem it has but i used another one and the pedals are working perfectly!
thank you for all your posts!