Probably know what this amp can do but if you dont just think of it as the flagship of line 6, the best they can offer in digital guitar amps. This isnt a spider, the price tag should say as much (http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-Vetta-II-300W-Stereo-Guitar-Combo-Amp?sku=482238#used )
1500 dollars new and im selling it for a third of the price at 500 dollars plus shipping. This thing kick serious ass and can get loud as hell.
There are a couple of things to know before you buy my amp.
- the amp is a vetta 1 that has been upgraded to 2.5 and put into a vetta 2 cab. IT SOUNDS EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE VETTA 2s.
- It has some wear and tear, like all good gear should
- Im thowing in my line 6 expression pedal. four channel switching with a wah/volume pedal
- Also im throwing in my midi uno which you need to update/change anything you want via your computer
- Im selling this amp because im going to college soon and its too big to carry around.
- I Have the line 6 name plate for the front of the amp + the original screws. I just took it off becuase I dislike the Line 6 logo.

shipping is going to be a lot i mean its a huge amp after all... Im a good trader check out my postives. cheers