Okay. this is a bit of a headache. i've been planning this in my head since about January.
GLP body with a Jimmy Page wiring harness and DiMarzio Liquifire and Crunch Lab pups wired to one side of a DPDT (possibly DP3T) slide switch under the pickguard. Next, L.R. Baggs T-Bridge wired to the other side of the DPDT or DP3T switch and Schatten volume and tone controls under the pickguard as well. From the DPDT switch all to a mono output jack. Now, my questions:
1. Would i be able to mix the piezo and magnetic pickups effectively via the DP3T switch? Or stick with the DPDT switch?
2. would i be able to get away with the schatten volume/tone controls and bypass a preamp?
Help would be greatly appreciated. i haven't been able to find much material online about my idea of a configuration, so i don't really know how well it will work.