Here's a new recording I've been working on called "Paint the Moon."


I'm aware there are a few timing errors and the sound quality could probably be improved. Tis a demo.

I want to know how you guys think I could improve on it. Any constructive criticism is welcome. And I'll try to review any songs you have for me, just be sure to post a link in the thread.

"On this life that we call home
The years go fast
and the days go so slow...

the days go so slow
The start reminds me of "On The Run" by Pink Floyd. Then it doesn't. I see what you mean about the quality, the vocals could definitely use some reverb at the beginning, and maybe some autotune or something. They just sound too natural against the rest of the music. Oh hey! Drums! They sound good. It's got a good rhythm, but at over 2 minutes into it, I don't really see where the song is going. It seems to be meandering without a real structure, not saying that's a bad thing (after all isn't Stairway to Heaven the same way?) but it's not great for song writing. Of course if you wanted something instrumental, you did a great job, so disregard that whole thing.

I think, if you like it as an instrumental piece, redo/touch up/play with the vocals. Make them lead the song. Everything else sounded fine.

7/10. I want to hear what the final product sounds like, so you'd best post it. Don't be a little bitch
Listening right now. I like the delay-thingey, though I think it goes on for a bit too long before the pad and the vocals come in. The vocals are kinda' cool, but need some work. Consider boosting their treble with an equalizer.

The drums sound good to me, and the whole thing picks up after they come in.

Right now, IMO, you've got a cool soundscape, but the piece feels like it isn't really going anywhere, just demonstrating that soundscape. I would consider adding a solo guitar somewhere around the same time as the main drum part comes in, to have a lead melody for the song to center around.

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