i have been playing three years now and i dont know much about keys something that been killing my ability to play lead over my songs , but anyway here is a progression that sounded good to me and i need to know the key of it so i can add some licks over them

1 : Am , F
2: Am , Em , D

note : both progression are for one song

thanks in advance
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It's most likely in A minor. Accordingly you use the A minor scale over it.

The D major seems to be borrowed from the parallel major, over this chord you'll want to employ an accidental so the scale doesn't clash, most specifically the F# note. So over that chord, you'll want to sharpen the 6th of the minor scale.

Hope that helps.
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A minor. With that u can use a minor pentatonic, an a minor sweep arpeggio, a aeolian, which is basically a minor. The possibilities are endless.
Unless you're getting into more complicated stuff, then 75-80% of the time the key is gonna be the first chord you play.
It's the same thing in a lot of classical music, the key is often the first note that's played.
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Couldnt the key be G major? Am is the ii to vi to V? The F could be borrowed from mixo?
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