the EP by The Devil Wears Prada. Who else freaking loves it? Or more interestingly, who hates it, and why?

I cannot get enough of it. Mainly because it's a cool concept (since Zombies are all the rage for us teenagers nowadays), and the use of sound effects like shotguns and chainsaws add to it. Also, the use of the piano in some songs just gives it an extremely eerie affect.
I think there's already a devil wears prada thread and you should use it.
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I thought the whole idea of post-hardcore was to mix techno and hardcore.....
I'm one of the few who absolutely love this album, it's a new direction for The Devil Wears Prada, it's a little heavier. Although it has less metalcore riffs and more solid riffing with the spooky piano and synth in the background. Creates an eerie atmosphere in the song Escape .

Can't wait to see them live tomorrow night, they are one of the supporting acts for Parkway Drive. Shit's going to go down.
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