Hey there,
Recently, I bought myself an acoustic (been playing for about a year and a half on a classic) and I wanted to try out a few songs, so I picked one of my favourites: Hollow, by Submersed. So, as per usual, I searched for some tablature, and I got it. However, the tuning is drop D and it's all in half a step down (Db Ab Db Gb Bb eb), and so I decided to transpose it to normal tuning (D A D G B E). However, I'm having trouble.

Because it's half a step down, I automatically thought that, in that case, I should play all of the notes one fret up (one fret higher, since one fret is half a step), but it just doesn't sound right. So, I decided to try and write out tabs by listening to the acoustic version of the song. And, while I'm fairly close, it still isn't sounding right. Can someone please help me transpose the tablature to standard tuning with drop D (D A D G B E)?

Here's the tab: Link
As you can see, it's in half a step down, and I'd like to play it in standard tuning with drop D.

By the way, there was some tab with the tuning I wanted: Link. Unfortunately, it's only the introduction, so that isn't too much help...

Thank you so very much. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You can't do that, all your open notes are going to be a semitone too high.
Hmmm, that's true. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?
I'd tune half a step down as a last resort, but, strangely, that makes my low E string (Or Db, when tuned) sound too low whenever I'm told to play it in the tablature. (Still relatively new to alternative tuning, though, so it could be error on my part.)
But thank you for your response.
I can't believe I didn't think of that! A kapo on the first fret should work. Thanks for the suggestion, mate. I'll be sure to try it out. Thanks for the help, guys. Much appreciated.