Right now I have a set of 10s on my guitar, in E standard tuning. If I was to down tune it to Eb standard, what string gauge would I have to use to have a similar string tension? Would there even be that much of a difference?
I'd just use the same strings, there won't be much difference, there will be, but it won't be much to throw you off.
There will be a little difference, but not major really. If you want to add a little tension, you can add a few winds on the tuner, just leave a little extra slack when you re-string. That will add a bit more of an angle from the nut to tuner, and a little more pressure, so the strings will feel tighter.
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anyway: my electric has .11's on it, set up for E, in Eb. i actually find it more comfortable.

go for it.
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10s are fine for half step, I prefer it. 11s would do the trick.
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it'd be pretty close to 9s. EDIT: if you want a similar amount of tension to what you currently have in E with 10s, try 11s.

neither will be exactly the same, but they'll be in the ballpark.
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I had .10s for E and then switched to .11s for Eb. The .10 gauge was too wobbly for gallops and stuff. Didn't like it at all. Actually NOW, I have a hybrid string set, 10-52 it's awesome. Maybe you could try something like that.
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