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Sounds great, i realy like it. The problem is a lot of bands sound like yours, so what are you going to do to sound different from those bands. I see bands like yours releasing new stuff all of the time. so whats going to make me buy your album over a another bands album? other than that, it sounds realy good. ^_^
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Hahaha I know their drummer, he goes to my school. Small world.
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Thanks, guys! I appreciate it I know that it is a bit generic, but I can assure you I'm working on it!
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Pretty sick songs you got man. The recordings are awesome. I'm assuming you went to a studio, did it cost much?

My only complaint is that it sounds a little generic. Good luck with your band though
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A bit generic, but good potential. Very listenable

Quote by InstantAXonHero
Band photo is generic.

and this. Its one of the first things that loads on the page, and gives the first impression of 'just another deathcore band'.
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^ this man knows his stuff.