hey everyone, I was just wondering what the tonal difference would be if i put 500k pots for the volumes and tone pots in my strat copy? Is it a big difference, or not worth the trouble?
it seems youre thinking along the lines of higher value the better but thats not the case. as henry above me said its gonna sound alot brighter and possibly not in the good way. they usually use 500k with humbuckers to make it sound less muddy.

if whats in it at the moment are just the stock wiring and pots, i'd just re-wire it all with new 250k pots and whatnot. nobody likes stock especially in a copy
With your guitar, it might not sound as good, but it would be an upgrade. I have 500K pots in my 1989 Squier and theyre great!
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Thanks for the replies everyone! So instead of just upgrading the pots i guess I will just replace the pickups completely, i wanted to see if just doing the pots would be a useful cheap alternative for now but i guess i will in fact have to do it the right way hahah

Thank you everyone =]
most off-brand guitars come with 500k pots. to me, it sounds slightly brighter than 'normal'. but a strat with 250k sounds nice and warm.

the difference is quite noticable. tone pots dont matter so much. the biggest change is with the volumes.

so before spending alot of cash on new pups, try playing with the pot values. if it has 250k and is still too bright for you, try 100k. if 250k is too warm try 500k.