I was sure that I wanted a Laney RB9 head and cabinet to be my next amp but now I'm not so sure. I'd be using it with guitar and had been previously recommended to look into bass amps to get the sound I wanted. But I'm reconsidering and wondered if anyone could suggest anything more suitable. Here's my criteria:

- amazing and big sounding cleans
- needs to take pedals well
- be able to handle about two octaves below the low E on a guitar and about two octaves above the high E
- on board effects or gain aren't required
- effects loop not required (everything will be ran infront)
- stack or combo
- willing to go used
- budget is about £500 (willing to go maybe as high as £600)
- I'm located in the UK (Scotland)

Any help is greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Genres I'd be playing would be post-rock, electro-ish, noise, industrial-ish and along similar lines.
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I used to plug into my bass players rigs all the time. Bass rigs can sound pretty ****ing sick, just a matter of finding the right one. Had good luck with Peavey bass amps, both combos and heads/cabinets. You'll really need to play through one to see if you like the sound. Used to play in an industrial band FWIW.
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Would guitar shops have anything against me checking out a bass amp with a guitar?

I suppose it depends on the shop.