Someone had these strings with the top strings not having any winding on them but they were thick as a wound one. What do you call those? or rather does anyone know strings like that? He said they were jazz something.
They are about three times as good.
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I found the flat wound or half wound didn't have as much sustain as regular round wound.
D'addario calls them Jazz Chromes. That might be what he was using.

I put a set on my 7 string and got great dirty & distortion tones but cleans on the thicker strings were dull and I didn't have any of that string noise when you slide your fingers from one position to the next but I kinda missed that noise so I went back to round wounds.
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Flatwounds or Groundwounds.
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Oh, sustain is pretty important to me. I'll probably try something like flatwounds eventually someday.
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